Collaborating to Better Our Communities

Women of Metis
Women of Metis

Our Purpose:

Based on our foundation of service to each other, our clients, and our community; we collaborate to create quality design and construction solutions.

Our Values


Service is the foundation of Metis. We believe in giving back to the community that supports us. We recognize that small acts, multiplied, can make change and we want to be a positive force in the world.


We believe in working together to achieve a goal. This means supporting one another, sometimes sacrificing personal gains and time and sometimes even relinquishing credit. We don’t blame others; we work together to find a solution. We are a group of people with different skills and abilities and working together, sharing our knowledge and skills with one another, we reach our goals.


We believe in building good relationships both within and outside our company. Trust is the most important factor in building a good relationship and we strive to be both consistent and reliable, a dependable resource when the need arises.


Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching, acting with honesty and being consistent in your actions no matter the situation. We believe in being accountable, taking responsibility for our actions and always being a positive ambassador for Metis.


Through a consistent commitment to high standards, we believe in excellence in everything we do. We want to not only meet, but exceed expectations. We stand behind our work ensuring the future of our team members and our growth.

Our Culture


Fueled by teamwork, collaboration and mutual trust, we focus on positive relationships both within our walls and out in our community. We are supportive of personal fulfillment and a healthy work-life balance.


We are characterized by a desire toward achievement and winning. We are united by a drive for success and accomplishing goals.


We are united in the belief that we are all working toward a greater good. Our management team leads by example providing time, talent and treasure to things that matter and serve the greater good.

When we talk about our culture, we cannot forget to mention our namesake, Metis. Metis is the Titan Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Planning and Good Counsel. But she’s also known for a little bit of tomfoolery. At Metis we like to have fun and we appreciate spending time together when we are not working. Whether it be some shenanigans at an after-work event or a little silliness while working together on a community service project, you will find our team members together outside of the work day having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

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