The Metis Story

Metis Construction

Our Inspiration: Metis, the Greek Titan Goddess of Wisdom, Planning, and Good Counsel. Founded in 2009, Metis Construction Services embodies these principles, offering expert design and tailored construction services across various industries. From understanding each client’s vision to seamlessly executing and completing projects, the Metis team infuses every construction process with innovative and strategic perspectives. Our approach is straightforward because simplicity drives efficiency.

We’re here to help, and while that sounds simple, IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

The Metis Team

People are our strength. At Metis, our team members—many of whom have over 25 years of experience in the construction industry—truly set us apart. Their unparalleled expertise not only fosters trust but also streamlines our operations.

By assembling a robust team of estimators, project managers, and construction superintendents, we eliminate the cumbersome layers of bureaucratic red tape often seen in traditional construction settings. This structure empowers our construction professionals to apply their vast experience more effectively, overseeing projects with heightened efficiency and tailored oversight. This lean approach not only meets your specific needs but also lays the groundwork for future collaborations.

Work Hard, Play Hard.  Our namesake is also know for a little bit of tomfoolery. Metis isn’t just about dedication to the craft; we also embrace the lighter side of life. Whether it’s sharing laughs at an after-work gathering or enjoying a bit of playful camaraderie during community service projects, our team cherishes the time spent together beyond the job site. At Metis, we believe that enjoying our time together enriches our teamwork and enhances our service to you.

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