One of the aspects I cherish most about Metis Construction Services is the unique opportunity to create a network of meaningful connections throughout Ohio. This role goes beyond constructing buildings; it influences lives and communities with the palpable essence of teamwork. From introducing new businesses to their neighborhoods to bridging the gap between resources and non-profits in need, each connection made reflects our shared dedication to enhancing our communities. Our work is not merely a job; it’s a collective mission we undertake daily.

Reviewing the first quarter of 2024, Metis’s impact is clearly evident across the region through its partnerships with clients. The privilege of being invited back for new projects by respected clients is a significant acknowledgment of the trust and excellence we bring to every endeavor. We currently have new projects with many of our franchise partners including McAlister’s Deli, Imagine Schools, and various local retail banks, all of which highlight the extent of our focus on quality work and relationships. These opportunities are not just projects; they are partnerships, each capable of fostering growth, innovation, and community spirit.

Beyond the physical structures, Metis has allowed me to engage with the non-profit sector through leadership roles in the Greater Akron Chamber. We are excited to be sponsoring Kristen Brown to participate in Leadership Portage County this year as well. These platforms not only enable us to contribute to philanthropy but also to drive economic development in Northeast Ohio. The ripple effects of these connections reach far and wide, impacting lives and communities in profound and lasting ways. As we progress, let’s continue embracing these chances for collaboration, knowing that together, we can construct more than just buildings – a stronger, more interconnected community. Thank you for being a part of this journey with Metis Construction Services. We eagerly anticipate collaborating on your upcoming project.

Let’s build together,

Julie Brandle, President
Metis Construction Services

Welcome to Metis! New Team Members

Ginger joined Metis in January as our HR & Accounting Manager. From the great city of Warren, Ginger has a husband, 3 kids,1 stepson, 3 grandkids, and a dog. She is a coffee drinker and a night owl. We wonder if those two things are connected somehow?

Stephen joined the Metis team in March as a carpenter. He is an Army Vet (go Green!) and has been in the construction industry for 8 years. His favorite project that he has worked on was remodeling the Mills Historic Tower in Canton.

Project Highlights

Akron Fire Department Station 12

We’re fired up about the progress at the new Akron Fire Department Station 12! The structure is standing strong against the beautiful Ohio sky.

We bet the students at Imagine Klepinger Community School in Dayton are just as excited as we are about the progress of the new gym. We can hear the shoes squeaking on the court already!

Metis is always honored to have repeat projects for clients. We currently have projects with three different bank brands for ground up construction and refreshes throughout Northeast Ohio. This one in Medina is near completion.

Completed Project

Completed Project: McAlister’s Deli

Our team brought this project from an empty lot to your new favorite mealtime destination. We marinated our expertise in construction with a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of innovation to create a space that’s as inviting as the aromas wafting from the kitchen.

Metis Design in Motion

The Design Team continues to work wit local Dunkin’ franchisees and is in the early design stage of a remodel for the Dunkin’/Baskin-Robins location in Lorain. The project will consist of remodeling the exterior to better suite the needs of the site, as well as the interior for franchise updates.

Team Highlights

We proudly celebrated our incredible women in construction during Women in Construction Week which is observed every March. The week is sponsored by the National Association of Women in Construction and is an opportunity to highlight the work and success of women in the construction industry.

Metis Goes Red!

Go Red for Women has been fighting for women’s heart health and health equity for 15 years, but we need your help if we’re going to turn the tides against cardiovascular diseases.

Go Red and the American Heart Association ask you to join us in funding lifesaving research, advocating for better public health policies, creating healthier communities and closing gender disparity gaps in science and research.

Visit to learn more.

Metis in the Community

Metis is dedicated to fostering leadership development within our community. This commitment is exemplified by the leadership positions we hold in local organizations like the Greater Akron Chamber. Currently, Julie Brandle, serves as a Board Member for the Greater Akron Chamber, and just capped 5 years of service as Board Chair of the Portage Development Board, demonstrating our active involvement and commitment to driving positive change in the region.

Additionally, we sponsor our team in programs like Leadership Portage County. The Class of 2025 will include Project Manager Coordinator Kristen Brown. Elizabeth Eaken is a 2019 graduate of the program and Julie Brandle graduated in 2014.

Join the Metis Team!

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